To get optimal performance of your vaporizer, it is essential that you must keep it clean. Various ingredients of the vape juice used may not usually stain your equipment, however, residue may accumulate, and all such buildup may affect the vaping performance eventually.

Vegetable glycerin and a few other darker e-juice are notoriously famous for creating gunk on the coil because various sweeteners are used during the manufacturing of the e-liquid. Any gunked-up coil may have lower flavor as well as produce less amount of vapor and hence you will not enjoy your vaping.

By changing your coil head also, the flavoring of the last juice may still remain in your device. If your vaporizer is new then often tanks and atomizers will be smelling like any machine oil. Though they may not look dirty, however, a smell will continue to remain.

So, whether you have a new device or any a used device, proper cleaning will be needed to ensure a better vaping experience. While cleaning, you must remove the CBD vape cartridges from your vape pen and keep them separately. If you are looking for CBD en Mexico , search no longer, Just CBD store is here to your aid.

Cleaning of a vape tank

While cleaning your vape tank, first you must remove the coils. While disassembling, you must note down or remember how all the parts were fitted so that later you may not find any problem to reassemble it back. Keep all the parts in a plastic bowl so that nothing gets missing.

If the tank is found to be very dirty, then you must rinse it by using warm water. You must rinse the entire parts under running water. After that, you may dry it by using a paper towel. After that air dry all other parts before you reassemble them back.

In case your tank needs a little more cleaning, then do the following few things:

  • Rinse all the parts by using running water.
  • Pour a little warm water into one bowl and then put all the rinsed parts in it and soak it
  • Again rinse the entire parts by using running water when your water kept in the bowl becomes cools.
  • By using a paper towel dry all the parts.

Cleaning of vape coils

If you like to clean coil heads, then the soaking and rinsing method will be the best. You can soak the coil for several hours in ethanol, then rinse it by putting it under running water, then blow air on its open side to remove water, dry it.

For deep cleaning of the coil, remove the wicks. After that, dry burn all the coils. After that take the atomizer out of your mod and then rinse the coils by putting them under running water. Use a toothbrush to brush them lightly.

After that rinse it well and dry burn once again, in the end, to remove any trace of water from your coils. In case, you notice that the coils are dirty and the flavor that you get is poor, then you may have to build the atomizer again.

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