Pink Diamond list precious diamonds by color

Diamond color

The color of the diamond is the second most important feature that you should consider when buying a diamond, after the size of the diamond. The best quality diamonds are colorless, while the inferior ones have a perceptible color, which manifests as light yellow in the diamonds.

Colors of the Diamonds According to the Diamond Color Chart

The color scale of GIA diamonds is the main industry-standard in diamond color classification and pink diamond list. Before this, other color classification scales used A, B, and C, so the GIA began its scale with D to avoid confusion.

There are six categories in the GIA diamond chart, which classifies diamonds from completely colorless to light-colored diamonds. Diamonds of classification D are the most devoid of color and unusual, while those of color G and H are almost colorless and, as they have a lower price, are diamonds of excellent value. The more you scroll down in the color box, the lower the color category will be and the more noticeable the light yellow hue will be.

Undoubtedly, the first characteristic we see precious stones in color. Even, there is a relationship between colors and gems, such as emerald green.

What sometimes they are not known, is that many precious stones have many varieties of color. For example the diamond in addition to its best-known variety, colorless-white, there are blue, yellow, brown, pink or green diamonds.

For gemologists, there are such important properties as color to value a gem. For more information, you can see the guide we have edited of pink diamond list.

But there is no doubt that color is the first thing that makes us fall in love when buying a precious stone.

Next, we will group the precious stones by color:

Blue gemstones

The variety of tone within the blue stones make them very different from the dark blue of the sapphire to the sky blue of the topaz, reaching that greenish-blue shade of aquamarine.

Green Gemstones

The queen of the green stones, for being the best known is the emerald. But we can also find both journalists and garnet both Tsavorite and Demantoid.

Then there would be opaque stones such as malachite or jade, so well-known and precious in Australia.

Red Gemstones – Roses

The red color in the gems is given by the concentration of iron and magnesium. We do not find much variety in this color.

The ruby would be the best known, but nowadays to find good quality is very difficult. The rhodolite garnet is less used but like all the variety of exciting garnets and a good value for money.

In pink we have a wider range of colors and prices

From the wonder of pink sapphire or tourmaline, both rubellite and rose, as well as rose quartz, kunzite or topaz.

Yellow Gemstones – Oranges

Like the color red, the variety of yellow and orange gemstones is not very large.

We have from the orange of the garnet spessartine passing through the citrine to reach the yellow of the topaz.

Purple Gemstones

The color range from violet to purple would give us a variety of beautiful stones. Combination of blue-violet we have two precious stones such as tanzanite and iolite. In purple, we have one of the most used gems in jewelry that is the amethyst.