The standard Architecture of France

Key phases in French architectural style

Gothic architecture

This type of architecture is reputed to have already been the initial kind of architecture which was replicated in the whole of Europe. Some of the most extraordinary buildings of the model are definitely the Saint Denis Basilica, Notre Dame de Chartres and Notre-Dam de Reims wherever French kings ended up crowned. As well as these churches, religious palaces ended up also developed With all the Palais des Papes currently being a surviving monument.


Like all of Western Europe, other than Spain and Portugal, who chose to adopt the Mooresqure architecture, France also adopted the Romanesque type architecture, a mixture of old Gothic and Roman architecture. The key surviving token of the fashion is Saint Sernin Basilica in Toulouse, the most important Romanesque church in Europe.

Architecture in the Middle Ages

This was the era of fortified castles exactly where the lords of the manor exercised their authority in excess of their serf topics. Fortified metropolitan areas finally designed and most of the French castles fell into ruins. Castles like Richard the Lionheart’s urban design firm Château Caillard was demolished as was the Château de Lusignan, the large Château de Vincennes and also the Cather Castles.


After the one hundred Yrs War ushered in an era of additional architectural changeover, it had been time on the French Renaissance when architects from Italy and Spain additional their design and style to French architecture in a very kind of architecture often called the Baroque style predominantly during the Loire Valley. The design flourished mostly from the Loire Valley in which impressive residential palaces like the Château de Chambord, the Châtaeu de Chenonceau and also the Châtaeu d’Amboise were crafted. The architecture also flourished from the secular area Using the Palace of Versailles plus the dome of Les Invalides.

Article revolution architecture

Neoclassicism was the principle characteristic of post revolution France, Even though the type had existed effectively prior to the revolution in buildings including the Parisian Pantheon as well as Capitole de Toulouse. The most agent constructions of this sort are located in the Arc de Triomphe and Sante Marie-Madeleine.

Below Napoleon III

When Napoleon’s nephew ascended the French throne as Napoleon III through the next Empire, a completely new wave of city architectural design and renovation swept the country. Extravagant properties identified as Second Empire architecture, including the neo-baroque Palais Garnier, commenced to seem although Haussmann begun the renovation of Paris. Simultaneously, there appeared a resurgence in the Gothic type throughout each Europe and France graced with the existence of architects which include Eugène Viollet-le-Duc along with the popular Gustave Eiffeil whose ingenuity produced the iconic Eiffel Tower.