What is the best online bingo variant this year?

Like most gambling games, bingo has a long history, and the origins of this game date back to 1530. Throughout the existence of bingo, the game has undergone numerous changes. As the original format travelled the world, different nations added subtle changes, and these created the bingo games that we still play today.

However, this doesn’t mean that the creation of new variants has ceased, since bingo went online, even more, have appeared. Traditionalists may find all these new versions of bingo off-putting, but the game must continue to cater to a newer and much younger audience that is now playing bingo online regularly – also try Space Force slots game.

The Purpose of New Bingo Variants 

New variants of gambling games such as bingo are sometimes seen as marketing techniques used to sell bingo in a different format, and this can help maintain interest in the game. Bingo variants can also be made possible because of technological advances. Or they are deployed as a way of keeping things fresh for punters who may be growing weary of the old bingo formats. Some new variants are also tied in with popular television shows.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

Although the TV show ended in 2016, the Deal or No Deal brand continues to grow. The slot world has embraced this popular format and there is also Deal or No Deal Bingo which has been developing since 2010. Today this variant still has 90-ball and 75-ball bingo at its heart but there are also 21 red Deal or No Deal boxes above the standard bingo numbers. Each box contains a number from 1-90 or 1-75 depending on the bingo variant, and if a number is called that is contained in one of the boxes, then the box will open to reveal a prize. If a full house is won, then the winner can interact with a virtual Noel Edmonds and the banker to try and play for a bigger prize.

52-Ball Bingo

52-ball bingo or Flash Fives as it is also known by uses a deck of cards instead of bingo balls. The ‘flash’ of the title comes from the speed of the game. Buying one ticket gives players one hand of cards, and the dealer continually reveals a card from their deck. If the player has the matching card, then it is covered with a casino chip instead of being daubed off. The winner is the first player to match all their cards in a row.

Slingo Bingo

Slingo bingo is a mix of 75-ball bingo and slots, this variant of bingo has become increasingly popular as it caters to both the bingo and slot playing public. The platform consists of a bingo card and slot machine. Players must spin the slot reel to reveal numbers and special symbols that can help create winning Slingo lines. Extra symbols such as Jokers can help players cross off extra numbers in a position on the grid of their choosing.